3,800 Trees planted in Puerto Rico to fortify natural habitats

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17 November, 2016

Sonnedix launched its environmental Mitigation Plan for Oriana, the 58MW solar plant that’s the company’s second in Puerto Rico and the largest of its kind in the Caribbean, on December 3rd 2016 by planting 75 trees at El Pastillo Reserve, in Isabela. In total, 3,800 trees will be planted in the Reserve as part of the program to ensure local species can continue to thrive and to promote nature conservation and renewable energy awareness.

The reserve is managed by El Pastillo Conservation Trust (EPCT) and the land surrounding it belongs to Royal Isabela (RI), part of the Costa Isabela Group. The Mitigation Plan will help the EPCT restore El Pastillo coast’s natural habitat and reduce beach erosion. At the same time, the “Vereda” area where the trees will be planted, serves as a safe passage for locals to the only bathing-safe spot of this beach.

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