Sonnedix Chile
Sonnedix Chile
Sonnedix Chile
Chile's Operational Details

Operations began: 2015
Plants in operation: 3
Plants in planning/construction phase: 2
MW capacity today: 318.28 MW
MW capacity in the pipeline: 310.79 MW

Office in Chile

Sonnedix Chile 

Flor de Azucena 42

Oficina 42

Las Condes


Tel: +56 2 2512 1587

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Sonnedix in Chile

Near the equator in an arid climate far from major sources of industrial and urban pollution, the Atacama Desert, located in northern Chile on the west side of the Andes Mountains, is considered to have the highest irradiation in the world—and thus the highest solar energy potential on Earth. The advantageous natural conditions translate into higher energy production and lower costs for clean solar energy production. In addition, the economies of scale accessible to utility-scale solar projects and the stable investment framework set in place by the government, make solar energy production in Chile an excellent investment.

Sonnedix began operations in the country with Pica Pilot, a 0.6MW proof-of-feasibility plant that went live in November 2015. Followed by St. Julia (3.63MW) in April 2016 and Chuchiñi (3.25MW) in July 2016.

Next, Sonnedix plans to construct the 250MW Atacama Project, which has the potential to make a considerable difference in both fulfilling Chile’s renewable energy mandates to have 70% renewables in the country’s energy mix by 2050 and supporting international climate change goals, as it will displace around 200,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

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Solar Projects in Chile


Atacama Pilot
Total capacity: 0.61 MW
Operational since: 2015
Type: Ground Mounted
Status: Operational

Total capacity: 3.25 MW
Operational since: July 2016
Type: Ground Mounted
Status: Operational

St. Julia
Total capacity: 3.63 MW
Operational since: 2016
Type: Ground Mounted
Status: Operational

Under construction and documentation

Total capacity: 172.79 MW
Type: Ground Mounted
Status: Documentation

Meseta de Los Andes
Total capacity: 138.0 MW
Type: Ground Mounted
Status: Documentation