Sonnedix joins ClimateForce 2019

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16 May, 2019

Marissa Corda, EVP, Global Head of Legal & Compliance shares some exciting news:

“Sonnedix is joining a 12-day Arctic Expedition, ClimateForce 2019, hosted by the renowned polar explorer Robert Swan OBE. The 2041 Foundation ClimateForce initiative was set up to train and develop corporate leaders into sustainability champions. We believe that, by seeing firsthand the impact of climate change on the polar region, we will accelerate our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) impact by expanding our cross-company collaboration and re-affirm our commitment to integrating best-in-class ESG practices into our business plans. It will also provide an opportunity for continued engagement, post Expedition, in a forum with fellow participants, where best practices and ideas on ESG leadership can be shared for maximum effect.

“I am undertaking the Expedition with my Sonnedix colleague, Jingqi Yang, an Energy Analyst based in the Sonnedix Miami office. Together, with our ESG team and champions across the company, we will co-create and realize plans to expand the sustainability potential of our business. During the Expedition we will undertake coaching/mentoring with our fellow ClimateForce participants to benefit from the experiences of a diverse group of sustainability leaders. And Jingqi, a talented landscape photographer, will be focusing her lens on the Arctic to capture both the striking magnificence and the delicacy of the polar ecosystem, creating a lasting legacy for our Expedition.

“Everyday I am inspired by what we do – Sonnedix is working to harness the power of the sun to build a bright future and we want to play a vital role in the energy revolution by generating clean energy to power households and businesses around the world and to make a positive difference for the communities where we operate. Through this opportunity, we will network with other like-minded sustainability champions, sharing ideas and best practice, bringing back knowledge on facts around climate change and case studies of what other companies are setting out to achieve. This strengthens our ability to lead a dialogue on potential impacts of climate change that Sonnedix can help address. And we are committed to this dialogue – in the company, our supply chain, our sector and the communities where we operate. I am looking forward to sharing our experience from the Arctic Expedition, and as we work hard to accelerate our sustainability impact ahead.”

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