Olivier Renon EVP, Global Head of Business Development

Olivier Renon is Sonnedix’s Executive Vice President for Asia. One of the main reasons he joined Sonnedix in 2012 was his desire to be part of a team that’s truly global in both its operations and its thinking. His current responsibilities include overseeing the investments that Sonnedix makes in Asia, which at the moment, are focused on Japan. To that end, Olivier works closely with Sonnedix Japan—Sonnedix’s trusted operator for investments made by the company in Japan—to ensure that the country’s activities play an integral role in the continued growth of Sonnedix.

Some of Olivier’s most proud accomplishments with Sonnedix include spearheading the company’s business in South Africa, which entailed leading Sonnedix’s activities in the country, from the development, financing and construction of the largest PV plant built in the history of the company to staffing and leading the local team in Cape Town. The plant is generating much needed electricity to the country since mid-2016 and is having a significant impact on the economic development of the surrounding communities. In addition, Olivier also played a key role in negotiating the acquisition of the Atacama solar project in Chile, which is currently in execution. Since those two achievements, Olivier has been focused on leading the company’s Japanese business and transforming it from a nascent operation to a highly performing platform with a strong growth strategy and a robust delivery track record.

His career has spanned 17 years in the power industry, including working for utilities in France (EDF) and Canada (AECL) in nuclear energy roles, before transitioning to renewable energy. He was also a researcher at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California, which works closely with the US’s Department of Energy on numerous energy efficiency related topics, as well as working for the AES Corporation, a Fortune 500 company headquartered in Washington DC, to develop solar projects in Europe and South Africa. Since joining Sonnedix, Olivier has played a role in furthering the impact of solar energy by speaking at conferences on topics including the solar PV global market, the solar market in Japan, Sonnedix’s market view and the role of advanced technologies in the renewables industry, like energy storage.

Olivier holds a MSc in Mechanical Engineering from the Ecole Centrale de Nantes, as well as an MBA from the Université Paris-Sorbonne in France.

To Olivier, the best thing about working at Sonnedix is the quality of the intellectual debates among his colleagues, which are marked by their creativity and out-of-the-box mindset.

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