Sonnedix launches operations in its largest project to date: 160MW Sonnedix Meseta de los Andes, Chile

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28 June, 2023

SANTIAGO, Chile – Sonnedix, the international renewable energy producer, announces the launch of operations at its solar photovoltaic plant Sonnedix Meseta de los Andes in Chile. This 160MW plant is the largest solar PV project in Central Chile and the company’s second largest project worldwide.

The construction of Sonnedix Meseta de los Andes started in June 2021, covering around 250 hectares within the Valparaíso Region of Chile, in the municipalities of Calle Larga and Los Andes. During its construction phase, Sonnedix generated 300 local jobs, in line with its commitment to the social and economic development of the communities within which it operates. The plant was completed by April 2023, connecting to the national energy system on 17 February 2023.

On 22 June 2023, Sonnedix Chile hosted an event to celebrate the completion of this project, attended by representatives from Sonnedix’s Board of Directors.

At the event, Sonnedix Chile’s President, Sergio del Campo, highlighted that “during its first year, Sonnedix Meseta de los Andes will generate approximately 386,750MWh, powering more than 180,000 Chilean homes and avoiding around 160,000 tons of CO2.”

“The construction of a project like Sonnedix Meseta de los Andes is testament to our strong ambition to become a key player in the energy transition in Chile, and worldwide.” Said Axel Thiemann, CEO of Sonnedix. “Last year we initiated our journey to hybridisation in Chile with the acquisition of the Arco Energy platform, including wind projects into our portfolio, and currently we have almost 1.6GW of total renewable development pipeline in the country. This demonstrates our long-term commitment to the Chilean market, where we set foot eight years ago and we are now a main actor in its energy transition journey.”

“The completion of this project represents our strong commitment toward our shareholders and stakeholders, and our commitment to deliver constant and reliable clean electricity to the communities where we operate,” said Carlos Guinand, Executive Chairman of Sonnedix. “It also represents the efforts and phenomenal teamwork of our employees and partners, who come together to deliver highly performing renewable energy projects such as Sonnedix Meseta de los Andes, driven by a shared purpose: to power a bright future”.

Sonnedix currently has more than 2.3GW of total capacity in Chile, of which almost 700MW represent approximately 30 operational projects.

With a global capacity of over 9GW, Sonnedix continues its trajectory of sustainable growth through the acquisition, development, and conversion of solar, wind, and storage projects, in Chile and other OECD markets.



About Sonnedix

Sonnedix is an international Renewable Energy Producer with over a decade-long trajectory of sustainable growth. Sonnedix develops, builds, and operates renewable energy projects for the long-term, with a focus on providing green, affordable electricity to our customers, and acting as a true social citizen there where it operates.

Sonnedix currently has a total capacity of over 9GW, including a development pipeline of more than 6GW, across Chile, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Poland, Portugal, Spain, USA, and UK. The company continues to expand its global footprint across OECD countries, through acquisitions and development of renewable energy projects.