FORPRO students visit Sonnedix Romica PV Plant in Spain

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7 October, 2021

On October 7th, 2021, twelve students of a solar photovoltaic energy course from the FORPRO Professional Training Foundation visited the Sonnedix Romica PV plant, located in the Romica industrial estate, with Eiffage Energy, to learn about the operations of a solar PV plant,

The objective of this visit was to learn first- hand the functioning of a solar photovoltaic installation before the finalization of their 350-hour ‘Mounting and Maintenance of solar photovoltaic installations’ course.

Sonnedix is currently the largest solar IPP (independent power producer) in Spain, with an operating capacity in the country of over 350 MW, and it aims to continue contributing to the country’s energy mix through the supply of reliable and renewable green electricity.

Through activities like these, Sonnedix shows their strong commitment to ESG standards and practices, establishing long-term relationships with the communities within which it operates to protect and enhance the local environments, support their socio-economic development, and help educate the problem-solvers of tomorrow.

In 2020, Sonnedix launched the Sonnedix Sustainability Academy with the purpose of reaching 100,000 learners by 2023, offering a wide range of educational resources and innovative opportunities for students of all ages to visit our plants to see first-hand how solar technology works and learn about renewable energy and climate change.

Sonnedix is constantly developing new materials and initiatives within their Sustainability Academy, including the recent launch of SolQuest: their first VR (virtual reality) adventure through Sonnedix’s largest solar PV to date Sonnedix Atacama Solar, located in the Atacama Desert in Chile. You can learn more about SolQuest here!

To visit a Sonnedix solar PV plant or find other resources and learning opportunities within the Sonnedix Sustainability Academy, click here >

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