Our support to the protection of tropical rainforests

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9 December, 2020
Our support to the protection of tropical rainforests.

As we know, forest is essential to fight climate change; they produce oxygen and sequester and store carbon dioxide, as well as filtering water and supporting biodiversity.

Tropical forests specifically have the superpower of helping evaporate more water producing a cloud-like layer that reflects sunlight back to the space.

In 2019, as part of our adherence with the Artigues A1 project (Soleol VI),we signed a partnership with Univet Nature association to work together in the protection of the tropical rainforest in Malaysia and Indonesia. Sonnedix committed to two carbon offset projects with two French NGOs: Rimbain Indonesia, and Hutanin Malaysia with the purpose of helping prevent the deforestation in the tropics by contributing with reforestation activities and proper management of mature forests.As a result of our collaboration with these organisations, we've been able to:

  • Expand the Muaro Duo reserve in Sumatra with 3 new hectares acquired.
  • Support 400 days of ranger patrols
  • Plant 7,000 trees in Malaysia

At Sonnedix, our ESG commitments drives us to enhance the environment and support the local communities and their cultural heritage.

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