Students of Pica (Chile) visit 170MW Sonnedix Atacama Solar

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3 November, 2021

On November 2nd, 2021, students from the Padre Hurtado de Pica High School, in Pica (Chile), joined a Technology Tour in the Tamarugal province, learning about three important projects premised on the energy industry. This visit was organised within the framework of Mesa Energía + Mujer de Tarapacá.

The students first visited Sonnedix Atacama Solar (170MW), largest solar PV plant of Sonnedix to date, and one of the largest PV plants in Chile. During the visit, participants learned about how clean solar energy is produced and how a solar PV plant works, but also about the wide range of careers opportunities within the solar energy sector.

The group then continued towards a biotechnology project that cultivates naturally the algae ‘astaxanthin’ for human consumption, culminating their visit at El Huarango” hotel, which is 100% powered by solar energy, and where they enjoyed the gastronomy of the area prepared in solar cookers.

This educational tour provided an overview on the new technologies generating renewable energy in Tarapacá, and its importance in pushing the energy transition forward, helping Chile meet its ambitious renewable power targets. The students learned about research projects that are being carried out, as well as the efforts made in terms of gender equality and inclusion in local employment opportunities.

The Regional Ministerial Secretariat of Work and Social Welfare, Cibel Jiménez, added: “Students preparing for their future work lives learned how significant renewable energy is today, that it is a tremendous job opportunity. It is projected that Tarapacá, in terms of economic development of the mining and energy sectors, will be one of the regions with the greatest job opportunities at the national level, so future generations must be prepared with technical capacities aimed at these sectors”.

At Sonnedix, we are deeply committed to our social citizen role in the communities where we operate. Part of our Sustainability Strategy focuses on educating the problem-solvers of tomorrow, whether it is through online classes and educational resources, or offering visits to our solar PV sites. Activities like these allow us, not always to teach the newer generations about renewables, solar, and climate change, it also helps us promote careers in the solar sector within the local communities.

To know more, visit our ESG Education page, or go to the Sonnedix Sustainability Academy.


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