Sonnedix UK


Start of operations

4 MW

MW operating capacity



423.6 MW

Development Pipeline


90 Union Street, SE1 0NW, London, UK

Sonnedix entered the UK market in 2014, when the solar industry was experiencing a boom with good incentives, a stable economy and a reduced cost of construction. A partner Sonnedix was working with in South Africa at the time, approached us with a project that was ready to be built, but needed rapid construction. Sonnedix moved forward quickly to take advantage of the favourable solar market and constructed the site within just a few months.

Sonnedix’s current focus is on operating and maintaining Grove Farm, the company’s sole solar plant in the UK, which is located in Tolland, Somerset, in the west of England. It was commissioned in early 2015 and generates enough clean, green electricity to meet the annual needs of more than 1,260 homes, as well as provide a space for local landowners to graze their sheep.